"If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere."

Henry Kissinger

Reach win-win agreements. Make better deals and resolve conflict. Good negotiators express their wants without anxiety or anger in a non-threatening way. Build the relationship, get what you need.

workshop overview

Negotiation and persuasion skills have never been more crucial. Negotiation can range from a casual conversation to extend a deadline to a more formal structured meeting to work out complex issues and agreements. In either case, successful negotiators use specific behaviors, tools, and a process to get what they want. Our workshop and customized sessions on negotiation give your team training with a powerful model and four-stage roadmap to negotiate successfully in any business situation.

In place of a win-lose model, consider a collaborative approach. Listening to others is critical for anyone who wants to master negotiation...

Listening is really what success is all about. It is the single most important lesson I have learned in decades of doing business.

Ed Brodow

what your team gains

  • Learn a negotiation model and planning process.
  • Practice specific behaviors for negotiating effectively.
  • Assess and receive feedback on your teams current negotiation skills.
  • Increase success in managing difficult situations.
  • Understand tactical approaches to reaching agreements.
  • Apply the process and negotiation road-map to real business situations.

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Suzanne Prouty Ph.D.