You can't stop the waves from crashing, but you can learn how to ride them.

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"While our employees are often hired for their technical brilliance, many of them eventually experience serious difficulty without good influence skills. This approach helps fill that critical need."

Patrick Wilson,

Corporate Human Resources Manager

Applied Materials

We help people better compete for resources and get the results they want, without burning relationship bridges.

workshop overview

Influencing and negotiating skills are no longer an option, but must-haves in today's complex and competitive corporations. Give your people the practical skills they need to be successful. Training in influence, leadership, and persuasion skills backed by years of research. Workshops and coaching sessions for professionals and leaders at all levels of the organization.

Effective influencers have a good set of communication behaviors and know how and when to use them.

They strategize which to used based on their assessment of the situation and the result they want.

They are flexible in developing an approach and responding in the moment.

Alan Vengel

what your team gains

  • How and when to use twelve specific influence behaviors.
  • Receive easy-to-use influence tools.
  • How to strategically plan for influence situations and opportunities.
  • Benefits of networking and influence.
  • Effectiveness in overcoming resistance.
  • Develop a strategic approach to ask for and receive support to accomplish your goals.

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Suzanne Prouty Ph.D.