“Vengel has provided some of the best thinking on the issue of leadership conversations.”

Al Miller, VP HR,

Simulation, Training, and Support

Lockheed Martin

our mission

Anyone can lead; Vengel Consulting Group's Mission is to help you do it well.

We help people at all levels develop stronger, respect-based leadership skills.

Research-based experiential workshops using Harvard win-win models.

Effectively engage others to get work done and still maintain strong relationships.

We are commited to helping people work better and smarter.

Getting to agreement, achieving a targeted result, delivering a successful call to action - they all depend on strategic communication. We have the tools that build your capability.

There are leaders and then there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power and authority, but those who lead inspire us.

We follow them not because we have to, but because we want to...

-Simon Sinek, Start with Why

how we achieve it

  • We build capability with workshops that consist of 25% theoretical material and 75% practical application.
  • We focus on the reality of engagement - getting work done faster, reducing conflict, relieving stress, and being a better negotiator.
  • We follow a Harvard model of win-win interactions, getting results while still maintaining strong relationships.
  • We are uniquely able to work with you to assess the skills that your people truly need.

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Suzanne Prouty Ph.D.